Andro Wear

Collected pictures of outfits and items which contribute to (one version of) an androgynous wardrobe.

Anonymous asked: First things first. Love the posts and I appreciate the identification of brands along with them. I'm starting to get into andro fashion and I'm struggling to find clothes and shoes that fit because I'm so small. I'm 4' 11 with size 6 feet. Do you know of any fashionable kid brands or petite sized andro brands that could I could possibly shop from?


Crewcuts (J.Crew’s line for kids) is awesome for those who are small enough to fit. It’s great stuff, and for a cheaper price.

You might also look at Zara Kids and/or H&M Kids

As far as shoes, I’ve been told that I should look at what the conversion is for my feet to kid’s sizes. I might be on the cusp of not fitting because I’m an 8/8.5 women’s but if you’re a 6 you should probably be able to get the kids version of shoes. So, if you want Sperry’s or Clark’s desert boots or just plain old sneakers you should be able to find them in kid’s sizes online, again for a reduced price!

Anyone else have thoughts/suggestions?