Andro Wear

Collected pictures of outfits and items which contribute to (one version of) an androgynous wardrobe.

Since it’s wintertime I am now freezing 100% of always. My solution is to live in sweatshirts, which I’ve decided can be worn everywhere from bed to dinner parties depending on if they’re dressed up or down. These sweatshirts are from Alternative Apparel, and are super soft. I bought them here on Amazon because they’re cheaper. AA does have some cool brightly colored versions of the baseball tee style sweatshirt on their site if price is no object for you.

Green sweatshirt - Alternative Apparel (size S)

Purple and white check button up - J.Crew (size 14 boys)

Grey and navy sweatshirt - Alternative Apparel (size XS)

Brightly checkered button up - Ben Sherman (soho fit, XS)

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