Andro Wear

Collected pictures of outfits and items which contribute to (one version of) an androgynous wardrobe.

Suns out, guns out.

Yup, I said it… and I’m only slightly embarrassed about it. It’s summer and man-tanks, as my sister calls them, are definitely the way to go. The An Horse and Loyalty and Blood tanks are unisex smalls worn by a human who is 5’5” - 123 lbs.

Loyalty and Blood

Sweet An Horse Tank (or a tank from any band you dig)

Altru tanks (Urban and online retailers carry these)

Revel and Riot LGBTQ Tank (Another company you should know about if you don’t yet. Founded by Emy Storey - who has designed for Tegan and Sara - and Sarah Fobes, it’s an inventive company with a great message. They make some very cleverly and creatively designed pro-LGBTQ shirts, bags, posters, etc. You can check out this recent write-up in Curve)

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